How to install Tricorn

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1. On the client machine, Access the server file share where Tricorn is installed.

    In your windows search bar, enter your server’s name and hit enter.



2. Look for a folder similar named to “Tricorn”, “TricornSQL” or “Tricorn_SQL”.

3. Go to the folder named “Config”.

4. Into the “Installers” folder.

5. Then into the folder named “Production”.


6. Now run the executable named “Tricorn_Production_Setup.exe” make sure it is named this as

Tricorn will read the executable named this and update any files from older versions.

7.  On the installer screen, accept the agreement by selecting the radial button labelled "I accept

the agreement" and then press the "Next" button at the bottom right.    


8. Select the destination folder to common location like the default option of "C:\Program Files   (x86)\Tricorn_SQL", saving it to the default location will help support when resolving issues, so it 

is recommend to save it there. After you have ensured the location is correct, select the "Next" 

button at the bottom right.

9. To ensure you can access Tricorn, make sure you tick one or all of the available option on the additional shortcuts menu. The options you tick will be available on your desktop and will open the corresponding version of Tricorn, the "Production" icon will open the "Production" database. To progress press the "Next" button at the bottom right.

10. If you are ready to install, Go ahead and hit the "Install" button. This will proceed with the install

and create the files required to start Tricorn.

11. Once the install has been completed there will be a little pop-up saying files copied successfully.

This pop-up will always appear, but there may be a slight delay before it appears, so don't worry if you can't interact with the menu behind it. To proceed press the button labelled "OK".

12. In the completing scree, tick the box corresponding to the version you would like to open, If you would not like to open Tricorn at this time, you can untick the boxes, and then press the button labelled "Finish" to complete the install fully.

13. There should now be icon on your desktop available for Tricorn to open, the name of the shortcut will correspond with the version it opens, "Tricorn Production" will open the Production database, and "Tricorn Practice" will open the Practice database... etc


The files and data in this solution will not be exactly the same on your system as they are in this example, but will be similar enough to follow, If you are struggling with the instructions in this solution, feel free to email or call on +44 (0) 330 236 9278.

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